PC/Server Support/Troubleshooting - IT Security - Virus Removal

IT Support for Business

Providing IT support for business. Such as a PC technician to assist your employees with computer issues, Migration to new hardware or a new operating system. Installing new hardware and or softeware. As well as virus and malware removal. For those businesses that do not want their own IT department but prefer capable and qualified IT support.

IT Support for Private Clients

Trouble setting up your computer? Installing that new piece of hardware or software? Computer slow or lots of error messages? Need your wireless router set up? Call the one with over 20 years IT experience to improve your computer experience.

Windows/Unix System Administration

Do you have a Windows or Unix (eg. FreeBSD/Linux) system or network of systems and do you require the services of an experienced Systems Administrator? Is your business not yet big enough to justify hiring a fulltime person? We'll supply you with a part time System Administrator. With a contract, for as little as 8 hours a week (minimum 2 consecutive hours) you'll have a reliable admin who will consider your data to be highly confidential. Spam driving you crazy? We can set you up with a low cost/low maintenance Unix mailserver with state of the art spam filtering software. Configurable to either bounce spam based on rating or allow your users to customize for themselves what rating they consider spam

Installation and Maintenance

Need that new PC installed for yourself or one of your associates? Or hooked up to your local network? We are only a phone call or email away and our rates are reasonable and the quality of work excellent. As we do not sell hard or software, we can be independent and honest about the pro's and con's, rather than sell you the product which has the highest mark-up

PC Hard and Software Upgrades

PC getting to slow, or your favorite software needs an update? Unfortunately you are not sure what you need and how to do it? We'll give you a hand. Suggest what you need and eitehr you buy it direct or for a small fee, we'll do the shopping for you. Then we'll update your hardware or install that upgrade.

Intranet Solutions/Administration

Do you want an internal internet (intranet) only accesible to your employees. Allowing you to quickly send general memo's or make a weekly newsletter at minimal cost? We'll give you a hand in setting it up and will even assist you with those newsletters and other features if you so desire. Either stand alone or part of our above Systems Administrator contract